Geometry in art, paintings and prints
What I Do
About my work.
 Often, creative production results from stages of collaboration between the conscious and subconscious layers in the mind of the artist. The definition, limits and participation of each state are in constant change, but could be roughly encapsulated into skills and beliefs on the conscious end, marks left by reality, dreams and emotions, on the subconscious. The language in which the messages are expressed and conveyed is the technique. Techniques have varied in my practice--as can be seen in the Archives page--but currently,  my painting and drawing production is protagonized by geometry. The Phi Number 1.618 (or its invert 0.618), also known as  the Golden Ratio provides an objective structure through which I try to express most of my latest compositions.
For those not familiar with this concept, Phi is a two and three dimensional space measuring and connecting order utilized in art and architecture mostly as an organizing method.
There is plausible evidence that this concept has been around since the construction of the Pyramids of Giza, through the Ancient Greeks, the Renaissance and into contemporary times by the Bauhaus, for example. Mainly it has been applied to compose and analyze visual artworks and architecture. It is also speculated that nature, from its atoms and all the way up to celestial bodies, is structured to quite some extent, according to this mathematical order.
Spontaneous expression filtered through the limitations imposed by Phi's both restrictive and suggestive`lines, undergoes an educational metamorphosis and takes refreshing dimensions
My Inspiration
The reason I do what I do.
A technique, an approach, like a good-working  tool, can be moving, stimulating, a source of inspiration in itself.  Some examples about similar concepts can be found in the mastering of emotions through color in Rothko, in Picasso's interpreation of existence through reinvented shapes, in Paul Klee's surrealist expression by means of the essential and Mondrian's powerful messages through simplicity of form and color, textures as the basis in Antoni Tapies's works, and many more.  
The mathematical/geometrical approach with Phi 0.618 is the foundation of my inspiration and conviction that reality discloses new secrets to those willing to filter their consciousness through its laws.